Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Charlotte Hornets update quickie

Hey gang, small bit of news to report so far today. Keep in mind, there's a lot going on tonight between meetings and the final game of the season for the Cats (and the NOLA Hornets), the entire Grape line was released today, and there still very well may be some more news coming our way.

But this little nugget as reported by local news station WBTV is probably the most exciting bit of news we've gotten in quite a while... and it comes from the head honcho himself. Michael Jordan on the name change:

Watch the quick exchange via this link.

In case you're too lazy to watch the 50 second video (douche bags), Michael was surrounded by security, press, and fans walking in a parking lot when a reporter managed to get right in his face and asked how the Charlotte Hornets name sounded to him.

Jordan's response is almost comical. He clearly can't divulge any official information yet, but it was like he made a small slip-up and tried to cover it up after what sounded like a nervous chuckle.

"Ha... Ha uh... Still workin' on it... sounds good. Still workin' on it."

You really should watch the video. Without a prepared statement on the issue, Jordan's feelings and the organization's direction are much more clear. After months of having their asses firmly on the fence, it looks like Charlotte is finally starting to climb down.

Still working on it. Meaning they were already working on it before. Sounds good. Meaning he's at least perpetuating the thought that he's behind  the name change.

A cool little nugget of an update before tonight's 8 o'clock (EST) bout against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Should be a fun game to watch, as both teams are high lottery teams, but both seem to be on the rise in the very near future.

Give us one of those rings, MJ. And a name change. Now. At the same time.

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