Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dunlap out, now maybe we can progress.

Hey guys, I'm sure most of you have either gotten here through twitter/BR/facebook, so I'm assuming you've seen the article I posted on Bleacher Report about Dunlap's dismissal. If not, click here.

You don't have to get much farther than the title to see my feelings on the matter: I'm glad he's gone.

I don't feel like going over why he wasn't the man for the job in a blog post when I just wrote and linked a fairly in-depth analysis of all of his shortcomings, so this is going to be a short post.

He needed to go. He coached this NBA team like a college team, he failed in player development, he failed MKG completely, his rotations were miserable, and the players hated him.

A lot of outsiders looking in are crying foul, saying Dunlap wasn't given a fair shot. The  fact is, Dunlap had a full season to adjust his coaching scheme, but he remained cemented in his ways, and that is not good enough.

You have to be wiling to adjust. You have to be approachable for your developing players. You can't hold constant 4 hour practices the day before a game. You can't play  2-3 zone constantly and be exploited from three-point land worse than any other team in the NBA.

That last bit is especially frustrating, considering the fact that many of our players are extremely strong perimeter defenders limited to their zones.

I don't know where they're going to go, but ESPN's Chris Broussard tweeted that sources are saying the Bobcats' coaching opening is much more attractive than it was last year, and that they will generate much more interest than last year.

They're going to be around $20 million under salary cap, they're going to have at least a top-five, most likely a top-three pick in the NBA draft, and they have a very talented young core that tripled its win total without much help from their head coach.

Give that article I linked you to a quick read if you want to see all of Dunlap's shortcomings. This is the first significant move of the most pivotal offseason in franchise history, and it was a big one. I'm excited to see where they go.

I'm going to do my part by flooding Phil Jackson's twitter account begging him to come to Charlotte.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Charlotte Hornets update quickie

Hey gang, small bit of news to report so far today. Keep in mind, there's a lot going on tonight between meetings and the final game of the season for the Cats (and the NOLA Hornets), the entire Grape line was released today, and there still very well may be some more news coming our way.

But this little nugget as reported by local news station WBTV is probably the most exciting bit of news we've gotten in quite a while... and it comes from the head honcho himself. Michael Jordan on the name change:

Watch the quick exchange via this link.

In case you're too lazy to watch the 50 second video (douche bags), Michael was surrounded by security, press, and fans walking in a parking lot when a reporter managed to get right in his face and asked how the Charlotte Hornets name sounded to him.

Jordan's response is almost comical. He clearly can't divulge any official information yet, but it was like he made a small slip-up and tried to cover it up after what sounded like a nervous chuckle.

"Ha... Ha uh... Still workin' on it... sounds good. Still workin' on it."

You really should watch the video. Without a prepared statement on the issue, Jordan's feelings and the organization's direction are much more clear. After months of having their asses firmly on the fence, it looks like Charlotte is finally starting to climb down.

Still working on it. Meaning they were already working on it before. Sounds good. Meaning he's at least perpetuating the thought that he's behind  the name change.

A cool little nugget of an update before tonight's 8 o'clock (EST) bout against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Should be a fun game to watch, as both teams are high lottery teams, but both seem to be on the rise in the very near future.

Give us one of those rings, MJ. And a name change. Now. At the same time.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Charlotte Hornets update

In line with what most believed, last night was a formality in terms of what was said by the organization and David Silver. A name change is possible, the NBA is fully backing it, they're just waiting on the Bobcats to file the proverbial (or literal, not really sure) paperwork.

One of the bigger comments of the night came from Silver, when he said rebranding would take a total of about 18 months.

But our friends at Bring Back the Buzz and We Beelieve (see previous post) pointed out the interesting fact that there is a good chance that, while it may take 18 months, we could already be well within that window of time.

Michael Jordan and the Charlotte organization can not come out and say plainly that they're taking back the Hornets name legally until the end of the season for the New Orleans Hornets, and they wouldn't do it before the end of the season of the Bobcats, if for no other reason than to keep selling as much Bobcats gear as they can before it becomes useless.

You can bet in 10 years, people won't be wearing "retro" Bobcats hats and shoes. It will die and turn to dust, so it's a fire sale. If Jordan came out and said publicly, "in 2013-14 we are going to be the Charlotte Hornets," there goes probably six figures worth of merchandise.

So, what this is right now is a chess match between management and the public. It's clear as day which way this game is going, but still, right now it's a matter of getting your pieces set into place to maximize strategical effectiveness.

Silver seemed very upbeat about the organization as a whole, mentioned nothing about an NBA takeover (see: New Orleans Hornets), and was completely on board and open about the name change.

It's not really news, but it's something.

It's also worth noting that Silver certainly met with CLT management prior to the "town hall" meeting, and they could easily have told him to clam up about the name because it's not going to happen. The fact that management seemed content to let Silver be open and honest, and even hopeful about a name change is a good sign.

There are a few more events lined up within the next couple of days to cap the Bobcats' season. A fan meeting before the game tomorrow (4/17), the final game of the season (also tomorrow), the release of Jordan's Grape line tomorrow, and a huge open house on thursday, April 18th.

We're likely going to have to buckle up and wait until the 18th to hear any news on the front, but it's only 2 days away. I can live.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Charlotte Hornets: Blogging as it happens.

Hey guys, I'm going to (try) to stay faithful to this post and to the great amount of news that is going to be happening within the next few days regarding the possible (at this point, likely) change of name from Bobcats back to the Hornets.

Just in case you've been living under a rock, this is a very, very real thing. I don't have the time to catch you up on all of the news, but I can link you to two major facebook sites (with twitters attached) where a lot of the news is being broadcast, and here they are.

We Beelieve

Bring Back the Buzz

I will also go ahead and link you to an article I wrote a couple of days ago, summarizing all the news at that time. Here you go. There's a lot of information stuffed in the three links I gave you, but check them all out.

For those of you lazy bums, I will very briefly summarize. The Charlotte Bobcats are hosting a "town hall" meeting tonight before their game before the New York Knicks. Present at the meeting will be NBA deputy (and soon to be outright) commissioner Adam Silver, and many bigwigs in Charlotte management.

This is coming days before the end to both the New Orleans Hornets (soon to be Pelicans) and Charlotte Bobcats season, both of which play their final games on April 17th.

Also on April 17th is an entire release of teal and purple Jordan Grape apparel. This includes shirts, shoes, socks, hats, shorts... really, everything. Also coming out will be a re-release of the teal and purple retro Jordan V Grape, one of the most iconic pairs of basketball shoes of all time.

Local news channels are reporting on the significance of all of this news, interviewing the founders of grassroots campaign. You can't open your eyes without seeing something about the Hornets coming back to Charlotte.

Do yourselves a favor and click on the links I provided to get even more news, and keep checking back here, as I will be giving as many live updates as I can regarding new turn of events. John Morgan, founder of We Beelieve, will be at the town hall meeting tonight, live tweeting and letting us know what's happening, so I'll try to keep up with him. You should too.

Here are some important twitter accounts to follow in the coming days.


Follow, watch, come back and check all of the sources I've given you, and be excited. Things are going to busy in the next couple of days. I haven't been this excited in a long time.

Time to bring back the BUZZ!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Herp derp music

Facebook changed again. Because if there's one thing Facebook is good at, it's fixing things that aren't broken to begin with, while neglecting (or making worse) the aspects of the site that are, in fact, broken.

Nevertheless, with the newest update, For whatever reason, I got a look at a note I wrote like 4 years ago. You know, notes... those stupid things people tagged you in and you'd do funny little quizzes or musical lists, or whatever.

One that caught me was "25 Songs", in which, after being tagged, I was to go to itunes, hit shuffle, and list the first 25 songs that came up on shuffle. My musical interests since the time of making that list haven't so much changed as much as they have broadened... aka, I like a lot more rap.

Here is the list from August of 2009:

1. Make Me An Angel - Moros Eros
2. Boyscout'n - Menomena
3. Rock Box - Run DMC
4. Live Your Dream - Reel Big Fish
5. What a Good Boy - Barenaked Ladies
6. Strong Coffee - The Cat Empire
7. Epidemic - Blackfield
8. Crack the Code - 311
9. Steam Engenius - Modest Mouse
10. Cygnus... Vismund Cygnus - The Mars Volta
11. Roundabout (early rough mix) - Yes
12. Distant Early Warning - Rush
13. Interlude - The Sound Of Animals Fighting
14. Drunk Side - Dredg
15. Obessesions - Damiera
16. Habitat - Mos Def
17. Metropolis, Part 1 (The Miracle and the Sleeper) - Dream Theater
18. Drilling - Minus the Bear
19. Clock With No Hands - The Roots
20. A Man. A Plan. A Canal. Panama. - The Fall of Troy
21. Yes 'em To Death - The Coup
22. Hello City - Barenaked Ladies
23. The Modern Imagination - Phantom Regiment 1993
24. Peter Piper - Run DMC
25. Consequential Apathy - RX Bandits

Surprisingly, not an awful list. I turned 19 about a month after posting this list, so I guess I've liked decent music at least since then. Anyway, new music, new stuff, I decided to do it again, 2013 style. Here we go, March 22, 2013:

1. Illegal Theft - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
2. Luca - Brand New
3. Walk Alone - The Roots
4. Deception: Concealing Fate Pt. 2 - TesseracT
5. Man on the Moon - Kid Cudi
6. Vedamalady - The Mars Volta
7. Worst Case Scenario - Tech N9ne
8. Lazarus - Porcupine Tree
9. Jobs Schmobs - Bomb the Music Industry
10. The Saddest Song - Streetlight Manifesto
11. Three Little Pigs - Lloyd Price
12. Hearts That Hanker for Mistake - RX Bandits
13. Rosa Parks - OutKast
14. Although Indigent, Rural Families Have Little to Say in the Matter, Third Rate Public Education Has Kept Them Ignorant and Thus, Great Sources of Ridicule! - David Cross (not a song, comedic track nonetheless)
15. Sentimental - Porcupine Tree
16. Wood & Wire - Thrice
17. All Things Considered - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
18. Cosmo Canyon - Random (Mega Ran) and Lost Perception
19. Hot 16's - Hopsin
20. All Fall Down - Kanye West
21. New Sheriff in Town - Solillaquists of Sound
22. Blue Magic - Jay-Z
23. The Podfather Pt. 1: Halloween - The Rick Gervais Show (again, not a song.)
24. Firebreather - Thrice
25. Extremophile Elite - Between the Buried and Me

Overall, as one is prone to do with age, I believe the newest list represents a more mature, diverse taste in music, and as I predicted, a lot more hip hop/rap. I still have a ton of Run DMC and Mos Def on iTunes, I was just catching a lot of other artists in this one. Honestly not a song on the second list I wouldn't recommend to anyone... pretty decent, actually. The Rick Gervais Show is hilarious as well, give it a listen.

Like I said, the first list isn't totally embarrassing, but I think it's pretty clear that my tastes have evolved. I don't really listen to much of that music anymore, but I still don't think any of it is particularly bad.


Friday, February 15, 2013

How to boil an egg.

I just read an entire blog post detailing, at great length, how to boil an egg.

There are three primary problems with a post of that nature.

1 - Boiled eggs are fucking disgusting.
2 - Few foods actually have the directions of how to cook it entirely in the name. Boil. Egg. Done. If you fuck that up, I think you have bigger problems. Like how to count to 10.
3 - Of all of the egg preparations that you could pick (over-easy, sunny-side up, scrambled, deviled, poached, omelet, etc.), you choose to BOIL THE EGG? It's the easiest preparation and the grossest way to eat them!

Seriously, they're gross. The white tastes like slippery fat and the yolk is a chalky texture with a taste of nothingness.

The egg is a magical thing. I love eggs. More than I love most people, truthfully. But this was an entire post (lengthy, with video) about how to boil an egg. Just fry it like a normal, fat American and live a little.

I realize now that I have talked about boiled eggs for an entire post as well. Perhaps the master plan was to shock us into spreading the evil of boiled eggs.


Monday, January 28, 2013

My Zero Dark Thirty experience.

So, last night I went to see Zero Dark Thirty. It was something I've been meaning to do for a while now,  and for whatever reason I just got around to it last night.

I had heard from everyone it was absolutely wonderful, brilliant, etc. And I agree. It was pretty damn good. I loved the fact that it was more spy/espionage thriller than action thriller, and I loved the fact that it keeps relatively quiet until the last 30 minutes, when it gut punches you so hard that it leaves you breathless.

Two things happened inside of the theater over the course of the film, though. Both of them were either due to me, or because of me.

I pride myself on my movie etiquette. I'm kind of a movie buff and I love seeing movies in the theater, and when it's a movie as impressive and important as Zero Dark Thirty, I like to stay out of it and let the movie do the work. No comments about who's doing what, no "yeah!" from the audience when Bin Laden gets shot, nothing like that.

But I broke the rules twice last night.

The first happened when a group of people, presumably around my age, decided to be douche bags. Two guys, one girl. There's a clip in the film of a speech President Obama made regarding the use of torture by the United States and how he wouldn't allow it anymore. This was pertinent for the film, which up to that point had been showing some pretty intense torture scenes.

The girl in the group behind me said, "I fucking hate that piece of shit," to which her two boyfriends (probably cousins) guffawed. I turned around, glared, and silently made it known that I'm trying to watch the movie.

Seconds later, another brief showing of President Obama. The girl made a similar quip. At this point, I broke etiquette, because I had no idea how many more times they were going to show Obama onscreen. I turned around and told her that no one in this theater cares about her idiotic opinion, and that it would be nice of her to kindly shut up so the rest of us could watch the film and understand the intricacies of what is happening.

I turned back around and sat. The people beside and in front of me looked at me and smiled, and as we were walking out, one of them thanked me. The group behind me glared, but I had mob mentality on my side, so I wasn't worried.

The SECOND time was all on me. Well, maybe not all on me. It has to be partially blamed on the casting department for ZD30.


Andy Dwyer is probably the biggest, most hilarious doofus on TV right now. The second I saw him, I burst out laughing. He was playing this hugely important part as deadly Navy SEAL, and all I could think about was when he made Ron Swanson orgasm by rubbing his foot.

It took me about two seconds to realize my laughter was not shared by anyone in the theater, and another two or three seconds to stifle my laughter into quiet giggles, which resumed for at least another 10 seconds.

So that's it. I sat in front of some idiots who couldn't keep their politics out of one of the most uniting American events in the history of this country, and I couldn't stop laughing at the fact that a guy who broke both of his legs falling into a big hole was playing a Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden.

Solid Night at the movies.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Four months. I suck, yo.

Sup guys... all three of you that depended on me to post reliable blogs on a regular occasion. (I actually checked my page view count and was pretty surprised at the high-ish number, but that's neither here nor there.)

Fact is, it's been a long-ass time (four months, five days) since I've posted anything on this blog, and I promise it's not because I forgot. I thought about it on a regular basis, and the fact is, I was just too busy with other things.

Not that this takes last place in the all-important Conner Prioritization List, but it certainly is below the sites that I'm obligated to write for, moving, and various other things you'd expect a 22 year old person to do.

I'm just giving you guys a quick update about what's been going on with my life, how I've been doing, and hopefully telling you guys I'm here to stay. For real this time.

I moved to Clemson, SC, which was quite stressful. My apartment has bug problems, and my roommate and I are constantly being bombarded by people thinking we're twins. Grow a beard, you too can join the Conner-Dylan look-a-like club.

I've been doing better and better every week it feels like. If you know me and are reading this, you might know what I've been through the past eight or so months, and if you don't know me, just know that I had some really unfortunate shit happen to me. For months I didn't get a break from bad news, depression, and anxiety... but I feel like that's finally getting past me. Except the anxiety, that's still pretty bad.

Don't get me wrong, things are still rough sometimes. But for the most part, I'm doing my best to get my life back together, and I'm feeling better thanks to a lot of great family, friends, therapy, and medication.

I'm still writing off-and-on for, and I've recently been picked up as a staff writer for the Carolina Hurricanes at, which is pretty fun. I'm working on getting a couple more writing gigs online, especially at a Milwaukee Brewers-centric site.

And I finally decided to start blogging again. For real this time. It might not be every day, it might not be every week, but it will be fairly regularly, if for no other reason than to document how shit in my life is going and to talk about music, sports, and whatever the fuck else I want to talk about.

I'll also be promoting the hell out of the drumline I teach, so get ready for that.

Hockey is back, which means I get to write about hockey again! Basketball is on, and the Charlotte Bobcats, though not good, are at least kind of exciting to watch!

Also, I'll leave a link below for the Facebook page, but in case you've been living under a rock, there's a better than average chance that Charlotte will reclaim  the Hornets name and bring it back to the Queen City. Bring back the buzz!

And of course, spring training is right around the corner. I have a post coming about how I think the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in which 14 Brewers are participating will influence the start of the season for the Brew Crew.

Until then, thanks for reading! Love you guys. Kind of. Not really... but I mean, keep reading. It makes me feel good about myself.

As promised, here's the We Bee-lieve Facebook page... please check it out and like it!