Monday, September 17, 2012

Dear NHL, please don't leave me...

Today I did nothing but sit around and watch Doctor Who. If you haven't watched Doctor Who, you need to get your shit together and get on the ball.

In-between episodes I had time to ponder some sporting news and whatnot, and I am finally coming to terms with the fact that the NHL very well may not be happening this season.

I'm a big-time Carolina Hurricanes fan. The Canes did a lot to make their team better this year, including adding two of the better forwards in the game to their line-up.

They traded several players to the Pittsburgh Penguins to acquire Carolina's longtime star Eric Staal's brother, Jordan Staal, and proceeded to extend him 10 years at $60 million.

They also signed Alexander Semin to a one-year, seven million dollar deal to give Eric Staal a top-of-the-shelf winger.

But with news becoming increasingly negative out of the NHL, it looks like a lockout is not only a probability, but pretty much a certainty.

What a year to decide to lockout. The Canes finally put some money into the offseason and acquire some great players, while extending some of their own great players, and there's a better than average chance we won't even get to see them this season.

Quietly I wept. Not really. Well, kind of.

The point is this: Over the past 2 years, three of the four major sporting leagues in North America have come to, or came very close to a lockout. You all remember the near-season ending lockout in the NFL. You all remember the lockout that pushed the NBA two months back to force a shortened, compacted season. Why is this happening?

Greed. I tend to side with the players regarding these things, especially in hockey where players are wildly underpaid for the type of beatings they take in their normal 82 game schedule.

My suggestion (as if anyone of importance will read this) is that the owners get their heads out of their asses and fork over a few extra bucks. They're making more than most of their players combined and they sit in a pressbox and drink bourbon and smoke cigars and laugh at the lower class citizens below them.

Capitalism at its finest.

Here's to hoping the fat asses who don't pad-up every night realize they're being dicks and fork over a little more money to the players who go out every night and risk concussions, broken bones, torn ligaments, and any other severe injury you can think of.


  1. It's unfortunate to see similar things happening in the world of music as well ( and in the education world (I'm sure everyone is aware of the Chicago teachers strike at this point)

    1. Yeah, I read that a few days ago. It's too bad Atlanta isn't unionized. Music is dying in that sense... at least hockey is just hitting a snag.