Monday, September 17, 2012

Finding the right spot.

This is something I've been putting off for a while. Don't ask me why, I can't give you a straight answer.

I don't know if my thoughts or ramblings are interesting enough to attract viewers, and I definitely don't know if my writing is exciting enough to keep viewers coming back.

But as I sit here on my couch, after another day of endless writing and trying to prepare for my third university of my college career, I realized it was time I started a blog. For real this time. Not just some piece of shit, once every three month post blog, but something to actually help document what's going on in my life.

I won't get into specifics with this post, because it would likely take days to write and as much time to read. I will tell you that whatever is coming into my head will be on this blog.

My brain is constantly dancing around sports, music, psychology, stress, and school. I have a few good friends and family members who take care of me, and I have a few people who have completely abandoned me for greener pastures.

That's for another day. The point is, I get by.

I don't know where I'm going to be in January... to put it into perspective, I've spent four years in university. One semester at the University of South Carolina (which I hated), and three and a half years at Winthrop University, which I hated slightly less than USC.

I was very close to earning my bachelor's in psychology when I realized this summer after a series of pretty horrible events that I actually hated what I was doing. Not just hated in the sense of "oh, this kind of sucks having to go to class for something I don't care about", but in a real, deep pitted anger filled hate that made me want to puke at the thought of it.

The professors I've had have been great and I hope I never lose contact with some of them, same for the people I met at Winthrop. But it's time for me to move on. I've applied to several colleges, only one of which is in the state of South Carolina. I don't know where I'm going yet, but once I know, you'll know. If you're reading. Which you're probably not.

That's it for this post. It was mostly introductory. Probably at least 75% of what appears in this blog will be sports related, since I have every intention of becoming a professional sports journalist, and I already write for a sports website called

The other 25% will be stuff like this. Me bitching about my life, or in the rare case that I'm actually happy, me telling this blog that I'm happy.


You get the point.

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