Sunday, January 27, 2013

Four months. I suck, yo.

Sup guys... all three of you that depended on me to post reliable blogs on a regular occasion. (I actually checked my page view count and was pretty surprised at the high-ish number, but that's neither here nor there.)

Fact is, it's been a long-ass time (four months, five days) since I've posted anything on this blog, and I promise it's not because I forgot. I thought about it on a regular basis, and the fact is, I was just too busy with other things.

Not that this takes last place in the all-important Conner Prioritization List, but it certainly is below the sites that I'm obligated to write for, moving, and various other things you'd expect a 22 year old person to do.

I'm just giving you guys a quick update about what's been going on with my life, how I've been doing, and hopefully telling you guys I'm here to stay. For real this time.

I moved to Clemson, SC, which was quite stressful. My apartment has bug problems, and my roommate and I are constantly being bombarded by people thinking we're twins. Grow a beard, you too can join the Conner-Dylan look-a-like club.

I've been doing better and better every week it feels like. If you know me and are reading this, you might know what I've been through the past eight or so months, and if you don't know me, just know that I had some really unfortunate shit happen to me. For months I didn't get a break from bad news, depression, and anxiety... but I feel like that's finally getting past me. Except the anxiety, that's still pretty bad.

Don't get me wrong, things are still rough sometimes. But for the most part, I'm doing my best to get my life back together, and I'm feeling better thanks to a lot of great family, friends, therapy, and medication.

I'm still writing off-and-on for, and I've recently been picked up as a staff writer for the Carolina Hurricanes at, which is pretty fun. I'm working on getting a couple more writing gigs online, especially at a Milwaukee Brewers-centric site.

And I finally decided to start blogging again. For real this time. It might not be every day, it might not be every week, but it will be fairly regularly, if for no other reason than to document how shit in my life is going and to talk about music, sports, and whatever the fuck else I want to talk about.

I'll also be promoting the hell out of the drumline I teach, so get ready for that.

Hockey is back, which means I get to write about hockey again! Basketball is on, and the Charlotte Bobcats, though not good, are at least kind of exciting to watch!

Also, I'll leave a link below for the Facebook page, but in case you've been living under a rock, there's a better than average chance that Charlotte will reclaim  the Hornets name and bring it back to the Queen City. Bring back the buzz!

And of course, spring training is right around the corner. I have a post coming about how I think the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in which 14 Brewers are participating will influence the start of the season for the Brew Crew.

Until then, thanks for reading! Love you guys. Kind of. Not really... but I mean, keep reading. It makes me feel good about myself.

As promised, here's the We Bee-lieve Facebook page... please check it out and like it!

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